Critical System Response

Our Goal is to keep you up and running 100% of the time. We implement every known practice and procedure to meet that goal. On that rare occasion when things "crash", we will be there.

As a Business IT Consultants Premium Customer you will be given your unique access telephone number to our Critical System Response Center for 24 hour live support. You will receive immediate priority on-site response whenever your system is down. What does that mean? That 3am phone call will be answered by a live person. A System Qualified Technician Team will be assigned to you immediately to resolve your issue remotely or be on their way to you within minutes to anywhere within the 3 county area we serve.

We are centrally located and can reach any location in our 3 county area within 30-90 minutes of your call.

The best part is there is no add-on charges for emergency call On-Site service.