Laptop Repair

Hard Drive Repair

You are likely to need hard drive repair in the following circumstances:

  • A blue screen of death
  • Laptop does not turn on or crashes
  • You are prompted with frequent error messages like “Operating System Not Found”.

Let us repair or replace your Hard Drive. We also specialize in Data Recovery and hard drive Cloning. Cloning your hard drive will assure that you are never down for more than minutes ever again.

Laptop Screen Repair

Have you accidentally dropped your laptop and now don’t know what to do with a broken laptop? Get your broken laptop screen replaced quickly and economically by us.

DC Power Jack Repair

Indicators your DC Jack may be Broken

  • Does your notebook only charge or switch on when the cord held at a certain angle?
  • Your laptop needs to be kept stationary as a slight shift would turn off your laptop?

Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement

Have you accidentally spilled food or drinks on your keyboard? Is a particular key(s) of your keyboard malfunctioning? Let us replace the keyboard at a competitive price with quick turnaround.

Laptop Motherboard Repair*

You most likely need motherboard repair when:

  • Laptop won’t switch on
  • Laptop shuts down while in use
  • Distorted Screen
  • Even though you have powered up your laptop you only see a black screen and hear a fan spinning noise.

Laptop repair is intricate and should be done by professionals only, as one error could be fatal and could wreck your laptop.

*This repair is expensive. We will carefully weight the estimated repair costs vs. buying new and recommend when replacement is justified.